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This time, a Frozen cover! We thought it would be really cool if we did a “Brady Bunch” style music video and really have fun with it. Definitely a challenge!! I still have so much to learn about how to make green screens work correctly. But I’d love to do more videos like this in the future. If you’ve tuned in for a while now, thank you so much for your viewership. It means so much to us! We hope we made you smile, if even for just a little bit. =)

Thanks again for watching!

- Jay

Vocals: Jo Im, Jay Arella

Film and editing: Jay Arella

Hi everyone!! I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t done too many videos in a while, but I have a new one out today - it’s a cover of one of my favorite songs, “Like a Star,” by Corinne Bailey Rae. My friend, Jo Im, takes the mic and does an incredibly intimate and wonderful job with it, and I’d love to share it with you all! If you could watch it, I would seriously appreciate that so much. Thanks for all the support!! 



"How would you react if you saw your ex with a new love?" 

"Fade into the Background" is a concept video developed by Cloud Media Productions. The story follows Mark as he tries to deal with a range of memories and emotions that rushes back into his head as he sees his ex-girlfriend, Mia, with a new love. 

Benjamin Mark Nabong as Mark
Chrystal Kim as Mia
Danny Pham as New Guy
Joshua Juan as Mutual Friend

Joshua Juan
Ben Nabong
Josh Bui
Earnest Roxas
Randy Mekdara
Donovan Kouthiraj
Danny Pham
Sebastian Romawac

Choreography by:
Joshua Juan & Benjamin Mark Nabong

Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by:
Jay Arella & Benjamin Mark Nabong


Hi everyone! I directed and edited a new video with my good friend, Ben Nabong, who is a talented dancer, actor, musician, and writer! It’s a music video to Ne-Yo’s “Fade into the Background,” featuring an intimate and original story by Ben, dynamic choreography from Joshua Juan in colloboration with Ben, extremely talented dancers from Collective Faction @ UCR, and an incredibly charming and real performance from Chrystal M. Kim. It took quite a bit of time to complete, working around our schedules, but we finally made it happen.

We’re working together to create a partnership called, “Cloud Media Productions,” so stay tuned for more videos coming up within the next few months. If you’ve been watching, thank you so much for all of your support! It sincerely means the world to me. Hope you enjoy our film and the rest of your week!




Holy shit, okay so this is hard to say because I don’t want 200 people going “what? you were going to? no you weren’t, you just want attention” but tonight I felt like shit, like utter shit and no one answered their phones and no one replied to my messages and just it got hard to be alone.. while scrolling down my feed I saw this and I just sat here for a good ten minutes deciding that.. you know what.. this is.. i can’t kill myself tonight.. so even if it doesn’t really go with your blog theme, I think you should really reblog it, because you could just save some messed up kid like me. Thank you, to the person I reblogged this off, you’ve saved my life and you don’t even know me. xxx if anyone ever wants to talk or some shit, and just no ones answering? well.. I have an askbox if you want it. I love you all pretties. xx


There will never be a day when I won’t reblog this if I see it on my dash. It might just save someone’s life. I’m here for everyone, doesn’t matter if you follow me or not. If you need someone to talk to I will be there for you.

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